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About the Summit

We are moving to a new and exciting format across our Supply Chain Platform.

The Supply Chain Round Table Summit is a special invite-only event full of discussions on general industry topics and specific disciplines from within the supply chain.

Guests who will receive the special invitation to attend this unique event will get the chance to engage across a curated agenda and deliver a set of outcomes that will be discussed with the collective audience where the opportunity to further engage and interact across all topics will be possible. The result of all of this will be a real community feel and understanding of how, as a community, we can better impact our own supply chains.


Where and when?

The Supply Chain Round Table Summit 2018 will take place on Wednesday, November 28th, at the Ballsbridge Hotel, Dublin.

Introducing our Peer Leader


The Peer Leader is a carefully selected industry expert who has a very specific area of expertise and has the type of gravitas that attracts other top professionals.


Armin Samali, former Head of Supply Chain Practice, Accenture, heads up this year’s Summit. He has hand picked the 100 practitioners he feels are best positioned to discuss the Top 10 most important trends that will shape the Supply Chain future.


They come from a broad range of Top 1000 Irish Companies.

Global Thought Leader Guest Speaker


Armin has also invited a special guest Global Thought Leader to provide deep insight into the drivers of this future he has identified.

The Summit Programme

View the Supply Chain Round Table Summit 2018 programme. There will be further updates to this year's programme in the coming weeks.

Sample topics include:

  1. Emerging Technologies & Digitisation of Supply Chains.

  2. Political & Regulatory Uncertainties.

  3. Ever Changing Business & Supply Chain Models.


Event Partner


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