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A Global Thought Leader.
10 Tracks.
10 Peer Leaders.
100 Supply Chain Professionals.
Drawn from the Top 1000 Companies in Ireland.
For 1 Purpose: The Pursuit of Supply Chain Excellence.

You can’t register.

You can’t buy a seat.

You have to be invited.

Welcome to the Supply Chain Round Table Summit


Supply Chain Excellence in a Rapidly Changing World

After 6 successful years of the End2End Supply Chain Conference we are evolving the event to a new and exciting format for 2018.

An Exciting New Format

The new format will create a series of interactive discussion groups set around the world of emerging technologies, political and regulatory uncertainties and ever-changing supply chain models. Taking place on Wednesday, November 28th, at the Ballsbridge Hotel, Dublin, the Supply Chain Round Table Summit is a special invite-only event.

The Summit is being developed by Business River and Armin Samali, Former Head of Supply Chain Practice in Ireland and takes place on November 28th in the Ballsbridge Hotel, Dublin.

We are delighted to announce Dr. Martin Christopher, Cranfield School of Management, as the Supply Chain Round Table Summit’s Keynote Speaker. Please click HERE for more information on Dr. Christopher’s background.

Supply Chain Leaders From These Leading Organisations
Will Chair The Round Tables 

BusinessRiver Communications Partner

Guests who will receive the special invitation to attend this unique event will get the chance to engage across a curated agenda and deliver a set of outcomes that will be discussed with the collective audience where the opportunity to further engage and interact across all topics will be possible. View the Programme Agenda.

Supply Chain Round Table Summit 2018

What is the Importance of the Summit?


This new setting will bring the ideas and insights of the top supply chain professionals in Ireland together that will give birth to hugely important conversations.


The result of all of this will be a real community feel and understanding of how, as a community, we can better impact our own supply chains into 2019.


If you are interested in learning more about the new format then contact Rachel Parke on 01 906 0687 /


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